The old cliché - photos say more than words!

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These pictures are of myself, our now 2/12 year old grandaughter Sophia, and my wife Brenda who has been very supportive of my hobby over the past 34 years.

Music is my first hobby

I have been playing guitar for over 50 years. The pictures were taken on St. Patricks day, at a retirement home for seniors.  Members of the musical group are Rocco VE3YJ, Gerry VE3AF, and friends.  I get great pleasure from entertaining seniors when I see how they react to the music.

Welcome and Benvenuti to my shack and Antenna Farm

We are located in Guelph Ontario Canada about 80 Km/h west of Toronto. We have 15 acres of land of which 5 acres are being used for antennas.